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Nuclear 4 Climate is a grassroots movement of volunteers with various backgrounds, ages and experiences. Our Delivery Team and Field Team are young volunteers from around the globe; their areas of expertise range from medicine, engineering, applied sciences, communications, and more! They all are passionate about saving our planet and would be happy to answer any questions you have.
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An art competition with Generation Atomic

Competition Overview

OPEN FROM JULY 24, 2023 - SEPTEMBER 3, 2023

In collaboration with Generation Atomic, Nuclear for Climate is hosting an AI art competition revolving around the crucial themes of climate change and nuclear energy with the goal of starting discussions about the future and inspire nuclear energy innovations.

Participants are tasked with envisioning the future in the year 2100, with a specific emphasis on nuclear energy's role in the following categories: food, transport, energy, cities, industry, medicine, space, or other.

Participants may submit art in various mediums, including dance, videography, painting, essays, spoken word, and more and must use some form of AI to create their piece of art.

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Rules and Requirements

Who may apply: People of all ages and from diverse backgrounds worldwide should participate. Entries from all levels of experience are encouraged to apply. You do not need to be a nuclear engineer or an award-winning artist to participate!

Originality: Submissions must be novelly designed for this competition and may not be previously published, submitted for academic credit, or otherwise shared. No group submissions will be accepted. No more than three submissions per person will be accepted.

Privacy and Data Protection: Participants’ personal information will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws and will only be used for the purpose of the competition. No personal data will be shared with third parties.

Intellectual Property Notice: You will retain all the intellectual property rights to your artistic submission, but Nuclear for Climate retains the right to use any and all submissions for promotional purposes on our website, social media, and other venues.

Judging: Nuclear for Climate will convene a panel of judges with various nuclear, futurist, and artistic expertise.

Scoring: Art submissions will be judged on the following criteria: quality, creativity, innovation, emotional appeal, and use of AI.


There will be ten finalists and three winners. All finalists will have their artwork displayed at the Nuclear for Climate booth at COP28, on N4C's website, and Generation Atomic's website.

The three winners will pick from the following three prizes:

Professional Development

Opportunity to be mentored by a senior leader in the nuclear industry, specific to winner interest

Paid Internship

Paid internship opportunity with Generation Atomic

Learn more about Generation Atomic
Represent Nuclear for Climate at COP28

U.N. observer badge for one week in Dubai, including a $1,500 stipend for travel and accommodation

Submission Guidelines

The focus of the future you envision should fall into one or more of the following categories: food, transportation, energy, cities, industry, medicine, space, or other.

Submissions may be any art medium (e.g., dance, video, artwork, essay, spoken word).

Artists must utilize some form of AI to create their submission (e.g., AI-generated picture, AI-choreographed dance, AI-written poem).

Artists must submit their work in one of the following formats: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image (jpeg, png, gif), Video/Audio (mp4, quicktime, mpeg).