Nuclear For Climate
Nuclear 4 Climate is a grassroots movement of volunteers with various backgrounds, ages and experiences. Our Delivery Team and Field Team are young volunteers from around the globe; their areas of expertise range from medicine, engineering, applied sciences, communications, and more! They all are passionate about saving our planet and would be happy to answer any questions you have.
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About the team

Meet our specialists

Hannah Fenwick

Delivery Team Co-Lead | Glasgow, Scotland

Hannah, 30, has a background in chemistry. She started her career in nuclear with radiochemistry focussing on alternative use of ``waste`` products from recycling of nuclear fuel (yes! nuclear fuel can be recycled!). She has worked on government policy and contract management and now in sustainability in nuclear decommissioning. She's passionate about climate, decarbonising and ending poverty of all kinds enabling a just transition and clean prosperity. Fun fact, Hannah once sky dived 10,000 ft!


Veeshesh Sunassy

Delivery Team Co-Lead | Toronto, Canada

Veeshesh, 28, is a Real-Time Energy Markets Coordinator for Ontario Power Generation. This will be his second COP after he attended COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh as the N4C sponsorship and corporate relations lead. Veeshesh is also the President the North American Young Generation in Nuclear - Durham chapter. Veeshesh currently resides in Toronto, Canada where he has to live (``struggle``) in -30°C weather during winter, compared to the +30°C temperature in his home island Mauritius. Fun fact, his favourite city is Paris and he loves eating macaroons!


Jadwiga Najder

Project Management Lead

Tiffany Adams

Communications Lead | Gainesville, FL, United States

Tiffany, 33, has worked in communications for over a decade, most recently working in science communications leading the Nuclear Research Communications team at Idaho National Laboratory. In this role, Tiffany leads a team of communicators spotlighting the important research and development happening at U.S.’s national nuclear laboratory. Tiffany has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a Master of Science in Adult, Organizational Learning and Leadership. Fun fact, Tiffany has lived in eight different U.S. states


Mattia Baldoni

Deputy Communications Lead / Booth Task Force | Brussels, Belgium

Mattia, 30, is a Communications Officer at the European Nuclear Society since 2020. He has an MA in International Cooperation and Economic Development. Before landing in the nuclear sector, Mattia travelled a lot and had several experiences in international cooperation projects in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria as a freelance writer and journalist. Fun fact, Mattia is a passionate collector of vinyl records and vintage football shirts.


Miguel Trenkel-Lopez

Events & Activities Lead

Miguel, 28, is a Mechanical Engineer with a background in using drones and robotics to make nuclear decommissioning safer, faster and cheaper. He is also the creator of Megawatt, a STEM card game designed to inspire curiosity in sustainable energy in a fun, engaging way to help plug the skills gap required to deliver net zero. He currently divides his time between growing Megawatt and working at Ajuno, a start-up innovation consultancy supporting the adoption of drone technologies to save lives and regenerate the planet. He helped lead Nuclear 4 Climate at COP26 in Glasgow and also attended COP27. At COP28, Miguel is leading events & activities for Nuclear 4 Climate. Miguel did not include a fun fact. 🙁


Ia Aanstoot

Youth Co-Lead | Linköping, Sweden

Ia, 18, was born and raised in Sweden and spent a few years in Kenya. She got engaged in environmental activism since the age of 13. From then, she slowly started getting involved in the pro-nuclear movement. Ia is a recent high school graduate and is now taking a year to continue expanding her activism. Ia is the youngest member of the Nuclear For Climate Delivery Team. Fun fact, Ia made her own graduation ballgown!


Anna Schafer

Youth Co-Lead | Atlanta, GA, United States

Anna Schafer, 20, is a 3rd year undergraduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in nuclear engineering. She is the president of her university's American Nuclear Society chapter, which means she organizes many fun nuclear and clean energy related events. She is also a campus tour guide! Fun fact, Anna enjoys making potter at the pottery studio on campus!


Youssef Fargani

Delegation Management Lead | Bristol, UK

Youssef, 28, who previously led the Atoms for the Future project at SFEN YG and was part of the N4C delegation team at COP27, is an experienced professional with a background in Nuclear Science and Technology engineering. He specializes in the construction and dismantling of Nuclear Facilities. Additionally, Youssef holds a Master's degree in International Management. He currently serves as Deputy Contract Engineering Lead at EDF EPR Engineering in Bristol, UK, where he oversees the HVAC contract division for the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project. Concurrently, Youssef imparts his knowledge in nuclear ventilation by providing lectures as part of the Nuclear Engineering program at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers engineering school in Paris. Fun fact, Youssef is a true technology enthusiast!


Sophie Osbourne

Finance & Corporate Relations Lead | Bristol, UK

Sophie, 31, started working as a nuclear safety consultant. After five years, she left the industry to start her PhD in Physics. Whilst she was studying, she took an internship with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, where I worked in Member State Emergency Preparedness. Sophie has always been fascinated by nuclear power and the possibilities both fission and fusion hold. Fun fact, Sophie is a competitive Ballroom and Latin American dancer! She and her partner compete at least once a month - and yes, she has all the costumes!


Osama Baig

Communications Support

Maximilien Struys

Communications Support

Prince Anagbonu

Communications Support | Alexandria, Egypt

Prince, 27, is an MSc. Energy Materials scientist and researcher with keen interest in synthesizing nanomaterials from agro waste. He has strong analytic and computational skills as well as the experience of working in research environments. Prince also shares experience in partaking in community development programs, empowerment and<br /> volunteerism. He volunteered for UNFCCC during COP 27, which was held in Sharm El-Shekh, Egypt and is a certified Climate ambassador. He is currently learning more about international diplomacy, climate change, green energy and he SDGs. Fun fact, Prince plays the piano!


Azucena Bello

Communications Support / Booth Task Force | Madrid, Spain

Azucena Bello, 37, is an Industrial engineer (specialized in energy and materials) with 5 years in the nuclear sector (tests and inspections, operating experience) and a former 8-year work experience in R&D and Innovation at several companies with international outreach in renewable energies (CSP, photovoltaics, energy efficiency and electrical vehicle). She also is a visiting professor at Rey Juan Carlos University. Azucena is also a Board member of Jóvenes Nuclear (Spanish Nuclear - YGN) and the Programs Commission within the Spanish Nuclear Society. Fun fact, Azucena has travelled to 4 continents!


Amanda Mbhele

Communications Support | Pretoria, South Africa

Amanda Mbhele, 30, is a technical lead for nuclear fuel cycle facilities’ decommissioning projects at NECSA where she implements sustainable principles in delivering decommissioning projects. Amada is also a WiN Global Young Generation SA Representative and Technical Lead at Africa4Nuclear, a campaign that aims to promote nuclear as a key contributor to achieving Africa’s Agenda for Sustainable Development.<br /> Through the Ultimate Dream Foundation, she aims to empower young girls and women to adapt sustainably to various social issues, including climate change-induced socio-economic issues. Fun fact, Amanda thinks she is the funniest on the team!


Zaheer Sooliman

Communications Support | Johannesburg, South Africa

Zaheer, 21, is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Game Design and Animation. Zaheer currently serves as a National Focal Point for the Youth Policy Committee (YPC) where he deals with policy work around climate change, energy, and biodiversity. Simultaneously he is an Under-Secretary General for IMUNA. He attended COP27 as a youth delegate with the South African delegation and was a coordinator for the first-ever South African Youth Climate Action Plan (SA YCAP). Zaheer's goals involve merging climate and nuclear policy with new technology and mediums like games and animations to educate and create awareness. Fun fact, Zaheer is sword-trained and did Martial Arts for 6 years.


Patrick Carter-Cortez

Communications Support | Cambridge, United Kingdom

Patrick, 26, is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge designing molten salt experimental devices for the Jules Horowitz Reactor. He also lectures on thermodynamics and nuclear physics at the Catholic University of Bolivia (UCB) and has been involved in the creation of the Department of Energy Engineering with a focus on climate change and sustainable development. As researcher for the Communications Team at N4C, he headed up writing the position paper for COP28 and is co-creator of the visual position paper project aimed at making the organisation's position more accessible. Fun fact, Patrick plays the violin professionally!


Julieta Romero

Communications Support | Paris, France

Julieta Romero, 36, is an Argentinean nuclear engineer with 10 years of experience in nuclear power plant regulations. She is currently based in Paris and works for the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). She is also an artist who uses her creative skills to communicate concepts related to nuclear energy. She is an advocate for women in STEM and encourages pursuing one's passions, regardless of their field of interest. Fun fact, Julieta is passionate about all things art related! She draws, paints, sculpts, sews, and sings! I sing. She also loves dragons 🙂


Zaid Taher

Events & Activities Support

Sarah Frances Smith

Events & Activities Support | Washington, DC, USA

Sarah Frances, 27, is a Master of Science in Foreign Service candidate at Georgetown University concentrating in international science and technology policy. She is a graduate intern at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Sarah Frances is also president of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service Energy Club. Her background also includes two years of nuclear energy research in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates as a Boren Scholar. Fun fact, Sarah Frances has played bluegrass fiddle since she was four years old!


Chizoba Charity Nzeakor

Youth Team Support | Abuja, Nigeria

Chizoba Nzeakor, 29, is an Award winning Climate champion, Innovator, Researcher, Advocate and Entrepreneur. She is a recognized future leader in the field of climate and clean energy. She was recently acknowledged by the Aspen Institute at the Aspen Ideas Climate Summit in Miami Beach 2023, awarded the African SDG Achievers award 2023 by the African SDG Summit, for her role in Climate actions, She was Awarded an MBA Scholarship by the Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington DC also for her role in taking Climate actions. She is a member of Nuclear for Climate, Forbes BLK, the Queen's Commonwealth Youth Trust Network. Also a member of the Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition Youth Executive, Youngo (UNFCCC), and SDG 7 Youth Constituency. Chizoba is the Founder and CEO of Climate Technology Solutions, Zoba Advisory, and Caroline Raphael Events. Fun facts, she loves to dance!


Alfred Mbayoh

Youth Team Support | Freetown, Sierra Leone

Alfred, 29, is a mechanical engineer and a clean energy enthusiast. His passion for clean energy access stems not only from the fact that he grew up without electricity at home but further because he is learning just how adequate clean energy access can unlock equitable socio-economic benefits while addressing climate change. Alfred is also a tech entrepreneur and an employee of the University of Sierra Leone-UNIPOD; an innovation hub where he supervise engineers, technicians, innovators and youths to build marketable products from ideas. Fun fact, Alfred's middle name means ``Excellent Boy`` in English.


Pratik Lokhande

Delegation Management Support

Christophe Corazza

Finance & Corporate Relations Support | Antwerp, Belgium

Christophe Corazza, 31, obtained his Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering: Reactor Particle Physics in 2018 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he focused on heavy liquid metal nuclear reactor core spallation target and coolant technology. Prior to this, he already got a Bachelor and Master in Chemical Engineering and a Master in Civil Engineering at the University of Antwerp and at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel respectively. He is currently doing a doctoral research (PhD) at the KU Leuven, in collaboration with the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN), related to reactor physics and the engineering of future generation heavy liquid metal fast neutron reactor systems, with a particular application to MYRRHA. Fun fact, Christophe is an Alpine ski racer at the Belgium national team!


Okan Yildiz

Finance & Corporate Relations Support | Mersin, Turkey

Okan Yildiz, 29, is currently working on the construction of the world's largest nuclear power plant in Turkey. He is a nuclear energy engineer who has adopted the nuclear communication mission as his life principle. Fun fact, Okan speaks Russian fluently.