Nuclear For Climate
Nuclear 4 Climate is a grassroots movement of volunteers with various backgrounds, ages and experiences. Our Delivery Team and Field Team are young volunteers from around the globe; their areas of expertise range from medicine, engineering, applied sciences, communications, and more! They all are passionate about saving our planet and would be happy to answer any questions you have.
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About the team

Meet our specialists

Hannah Fenwick

BSc in Chemistry

Over 6 years ecperience in UK Nuclear industry, working for UKs National Nuclear Laboratory and the UK Energy Department. I have experience on use of actinides in powering space exploration, reprocessing of fuel, post irradiation of AGR fuel, ED&I (equality, diversity & inclusion), communications and negotiating and manager contracts. I'm a member of the UK Nuclear Institute (including UK WiN and YGN) and the Royal Society of Chemistry. I'm an Atomic Ambassador and have 4 years experience on the Spark! Contest Committee including 2 years co-chairing (Franco-British low-carbon innovation contest for young people). I supported the N4C campaign in the blue zone week 2 at COP26.


Everlyne Achieng

Medical Doctor

Everlyne Achieng is a medical doctor based in Kenya and a young nuclear enthusiast. She has more than 5-years’ experience in Nuclear advocacy, stakeholder engagement and resource mobilization. Her dedication to the Nuclear industry can be dated back to 2017 at the inaugural AYGN summit was held in Nairobi, Kenya when she was elected as the Deputy President of AYGN. A position that she held for 5 years and served gracefully as AYGN grew from a membership of only 3 countries-Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa to now 18 registered African Countries. She was part of the Funding Committee for the AYNS19 held in South Africa and AYNS21 held in Ghana that were organized and funded successfully. She is currently the Treasurer for the Eastern African Association of Radiation Protection ( EAARP). She has also represented AYGN in international fora while serving a 2-year term as the Innovation Officer for IYNC from 2018 to 2020. Everlyne has also participated in IAEA events, having served as Plenary Managers in several IYNC/IAEA conferences.


Emilia Janisz

European Nuclear Society Director of Strategy

European Nuclear Society Director of Strategy, advocate of nuclear science and technology with over 10 years of experience in the EU legislation process of energy and climate matters. Co-Leader of the Nuclear for Climate movement, successfully making sure nuclear is part of the conversation at the UN COP conferences since 2015. A big enthusiast of the ENS - Young Generation Network, co-founder of the Polish Nuclear Society Young Generation Network. Women's rights activist in her free time.


Collins Khaemba Wafula

Environmentalist, Climate Activist & Clean Advocate.

Environmentalist, Climate Activist & Clean Advocate. Geographer, Natural Resource Specialist from Maseno University, Kenya. Collins K. Wafula is from Kenya, and he completed his Bachelor's in Geography and Natural Resources Management with IT in Kenya (2021) at Maseno University. He continued his Certificate studies in Nuclear Energy (Science, Systems, Society) with edX Courses offered by MIT online. He still pursues Sustainable Energy and Financial Accounting as a part time study. He is working with local organizations and non-profit to provide sociopolitical and sustainable solutions in the Western Kenya communities. His area of expertise in Geography & Natural Resources Management is Energy. Since 2018 until the present, he has been participating in Nuclear Energy advocacy with Nuclear Energy is the Better (NUeB) organization, currently known as Climate Action Bungoma Community Based Organization. In addition, he participated in the Berlin Brandenburg Protest against Germany’s decision to shut down the remaining Nuclear Power Plants. He seeks to promote an informed energy participation in Kenya as it moves towards clean energy generation in using Nuclear Power.


Ana Otero


Ana Otero is an engineer in industrial technologies with a major in energies from Madrid, Spain. She did her Bachelors degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and decided to specialize in nuclear engineering in KTH university and Phelma-Grenoble INP. The increasing level of carbon emissions worldwide despite all the international climate agreements and the plans worldwide from governments to gradually shut down the remaining nuclear power plants and research projects is what pushed her towards a career in the nuclear energy sector. She’s currently working in CS Group, an associate company that works on missions for EDF and Framatome for thermalhydraulic safety studies of the actual fleet of French NPPs. The current misinformation around nuclear energy, the human footprint in the planet and the inactivity of some governments about climate change is what motivated her to join the NGO Voices of Nuclear and the NuclearForClimate coalition.



Master in OSH, MBA

Mahmoud is radiological emergency and crisis management specialist . With over ten years of dealing with preparedness and planning for Radiological Emergency, designing, and evaluating emergency plans. Additionally, he had many international exposures with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and prestigious institutes including the WINS and KCL. Over the last three years, he participated in several training activities on nuclear security and non-proliferation. He is also an accredited trainer recognised by the IAEA in Preparedness & Response for nuclear and radiological incidents and external expert in Preparedness & Response for nuclear and radiological incidents at the Civil Defense Institute.


Marwa Ibrahim


Marwa is a Physics Instructor at Nile University a nonprofit, independent institute of education, research, and innovation in Egypt. She holds a Bachelor's and Master of Science in nuclear and radiation engineering from Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering, Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Department. Currently, I am enrolled in the First level Specializing Master “Nuclear Safeguards” organized by the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano and the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), in collaboration with the European Joint research center (EU JRC). The First Level Specializing Master is part of the European Safeguards Training and Education (SaTE) project. I have over 8 years of experience instructing Radiation Detection Techniques in Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security with a primary research interest in the synthesis and characterization of Nano-materials in nuclear applications. I am a Certified Nuclear Security Professional (CNSP) from World Institute for Nuclear Security Academy (WINS) and Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) licensed by the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA ). I have more than 10 years of NGO activities including leadership roles and member at the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS), African Young Generation in Nuclear (AYGN), WIN global, and WiN Africa.


Raquel H.

Programme Manager of the World Nuclear University (WNU)

Raquel advocates for sustainable development and is particularly interested in bringing forwards the perspective of developing countries and marginalised communities. She holds a Sustainable Development Engineer specialising in Nuclear and a master’s in Development Studies where she studied energy transitions. Her passion is in communications and public policy, as she considers both to be crucial to the success of any technology and transition. Raquel enjoys volunteering and empowering others; to combine her passions, she founded and directs the Women in Nuclear Mexico Chapter and volunteers for multiple organisations.


Ben Reade

BEng Hons Mechanical Engineering

Ben Reade is a Nuclear Science and Technology graduate from the university consortium NTEC. He works as a distillery operator on the Isle of Mull. He believes nuclear is beneficial to humanity as it remains to be the only energy source that can provide zero-carbon, multi-GW scale power plant electricity supply for longer than 6 months of the year. He likes the fact that a football pitch a couple of meters high of the stored fuel can supply a nation for decades, and believes the technology will likely be used in some way for thousands of years to come.


Robert Kiptoo

Aspiring Nuclear Engineer

Robert Kiptoo is a Nuclear Engineering and Physics Master’s student at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) with huge interests in climate change, nuclear medicine and power generation. Kiptoo also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with specialization in Nuclear and Medical physics from the University of Nairobi where he spearheaded a campaign of creating awareness and sensitization of Nuclear energy as a solution to climate change and energy crisis. Previously, he worked as a Radiation safety officer with The D-orbital Limited Company a leading technical service provider in the radiation industry in Kenya where he ensured safety of personnel working in areas where they may be exposed to radiation on a daily basis. Kiptoo is a registered and active member of Eastern Africa Association for Radiation Protection (EAARP), African Young Generation in Nuclear (AYGN) Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear (KYGN), Kenyan Radon Association (KeRA) and the Physics Community – Kenya.


Veeshesh Sunassy

Leader of Sponsorship and Corporate Relations Team

Veeshesh currently lives in Toronto, Canada where he works for Ontario Power Generation in the Energy Markets department. He is originally from Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar, and enjoys challenging himself. This is why when he finished high school, he decided to go an pursue his Bachelor in Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta in Alberta, Canada. Veeshesh enjoys advocating for clean power and he also volunteers some of his time as the President of the North American Young Generation in Nuclear - Durham chapter. For COP27 Delivery Team, Veeshesh is the sponsorship and corporate relations team lead. This will be the first COP conference that Veeshesh is going and he is very excited about it!


Jadwiga Najder

Chair of European Nuclear Society

ENS-YGN is a widespread network connecting all Nuclear Young Generation Networks over Europe. Our aim is to promote the peaceful and safe use of nuclear energy along with spreading the knowledge of nuclear technologies.


Jon Facemire


Jon has been advocating for low carbon energy sources since college. After getting interested in climate change Jon wrote a paper on the pros and cons of different electricity sources and was shocked at the public health damages from fossil fuels. Jon took classes in energy efficiency, grid reliability and nuclear energy while advocating for clean energy through the on campus Green energy group at UMD. Jon got an internship working on risk assessment for nuclear power and for the past 13 years has been working in the nuclear industry first helping the current fleet optimize efficiency and now helping the next generation of nuclear power get licensed and built. Jon continues to advocate for clean energy and is excited to promote nuclear at COP27.